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Mission Teams & Volunteers

Get Involved

If you'd like to come to Guatemala to help out with our projects at the Land of Hope in Escuintla, the process is simple!

If you would like to come down as a volunteer or intern you can click on the form below, fill it out and email it to phoebe@buildinguate.com. Once your application is processed, we will contact you!

We welcome all open hearts and open hands ready to work! We host mission teams from church groups to medical teams that have the desire to make a change! We count it as a  blessing to be able to host your group during your stay in Guatemala. During this time we strive to build relationships, encourage your faith, and provide ample opportunity for growth. We have found that serving with teams blesses us and encourages us in our mission to be a light in the darkness here in Guatemala!

If you're interested in bringing a mission team through a church or any other type of organization, all you need to do is contact Phoebe Palencia directly at phoebe@buildinguate.com

Where In The World Will I Be?

We love when people have the desire to work with our ground team in Guatemala. You can stay for a short time or long time; either way, we are waiting to serve to with you!